Request Publication in Architecture Book or DSM Printed Magazine

Request Publication in Architecture Book or Printed Magazine

Request Publication in Architecture Book or DSM Printed Magazine | If you like the idea of ​​being published in our magazine or in one of our books, then fill out the form and send us the link to your website, we will take a look and insert it in our database, we will contact you shortly to receive material for work on the publication or to notify you that you are on the list! WATCH OUR BOOKSHOP

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More on Request Publication in Architecture Book or DSM Printed Magazine

From this year Design Studio Mag has decided to publish books, printed magazines, and special books to increase the traffic of articles on Architecture, Art, and Design. The distribution of books and magazines is the best way to have at home, at hand, what we like and what inspires us.

We are architects. And we are convinced that everyone should collect at least a couple of architecture books at least once in their life. Because they provide useful tools for looking at the world in which we live and move daily from another point of view. In addition to being useful for obtaining fantastic ideas, comparisons, and recovering contacts from the architect who inspires us and notoriety and satisfaction should not be underestimated!

We went to do some research before writing this article. And we started from a first generic description of Wikipedia, which under the heading architecture says:

“Architecture is the discipline that has as its purpose the organization of space at any scale, but mainly that in which the human being lives”.

It also says many other things, but this is not the place to retrace the history of architecture this is the place for the Request Publication in Architecture Book. We just need to know that it deals with human beings and with the organization of the space in which they live, eat, sleep, work, grow. We just need to know that he tries to do it while also respecting a certain aesthetic quality, an idea of ​​beauty. If we were to also analyze what beauty is, we would have to cross over into philosophy.

But here we are interested in suggesting new visions. The architecture and design of spaces give shape to our life, we want to offer reading tips to expand the ability to understand how these shapes act on us, for better or for worse. And these architectural texts are a great place to start.

To do this, of course, we always need accomplices who Request Publication in Architecture Book to participate in the drafting of these fantastic books or magazines or sometimes we go catch as sharks. This is a long and laborious process and the submitted material is not always what we are looking for, but we will keep it with us until the time is right!

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