Paulo Martins Arquitectura & Design

Paulo Martins | Owner, Main Architect at Paulo Martins Arquitectura & Design

Paulo Martins Arquitectura assumes itself as a studio focused on experimental and strategic design, provoking and making the sensorial and emotional experiences part of the process and a goal to be achieved. Through a holistic vision, we view and understand our work as a vehicle responsible for social, political, and economic well-being and social equilibrium, assuming this responsibility as an opportunity to reinvent strategies and propose alternatives! We design buildings in which beauty is the guiding thread of the intervention, adding value and enhancing the relationship between the exterior and the interior, merging their limits and diluting the barrier that separates them. In this way, we propose humanized spaces, detached from artificial and reductive enclosures, including and working from the initial phase of the project, with elements as natural and indispensable as the sun and shade, natural ventilation, vegetation, and exterior. Paulo Martins – Owner, Main Architect.