Öznur Pınar ÇER, RIBA

Mask Architects, Öznur Pınar ÇER, RIBAM

Öznur Pınar ÇER, RIBAM – Founder, Founding Partner, Principal and Lead Design Architect at MASK Architects. She is an International award-winning Turkish Architect and Founder, Principal and Lead Design Architect in Italy. She graduated as the best of her generation, ranking first place prize of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Cyprus International University with a high honor degree in 2014. She was awarded many international awards for her designed projects during her study period. During her university life, she has participated in many competitions. She won the most important student competition we call the “Nobel of student project competition” “MIMED 2013” as the first winner among 140 projects from all around the University of Turkey in the architecture students project competition. In another important Student competition “Prosteel 2014”, she won the honorable mention prize with the “Modular Shelter Design for the Emergency Situation” project in Turkey. One of her most important career experiences is that she has worked as one of the three Lead Architect and Architectural Designer on numerous projects at all stages from conception design to implementation and has extensive knowledge of schemes that are bespoke and site-specific at Istanbul New Airport Duty-Free Stores project and public zones in Tabanlıoğlu Architects between 2016-2018 period. She has led award-winning international competitions such as the “Oasys+System ” artificial breathing modular palm structure system that has been one of ten winners of the “Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge ” competition between 1,540 participants. The same project has been awarded A+Architizer 2021 in the USA and Golden Trezzini Awards 2021 in Russia, Lexus Design Award 2022, and AI Specification Awards 2022 as Finalist. Another important project that she led is the “Villa G01 ” new generation Luxury Villa which was awarded an honorable mention prize by LOOP Design Awards 2021. She led and designed the “Exosteel Mother Nature” modular house project. She and her partner will build the world’s first steel 3D printed structure of modular houses in Orani, the city of Sardinia. The office is the first architecture and design studio in the world to use a steel 3D-printed “exoskeleton” construction system that supports and distributes all the functional elements of the building, using their new solution of construction technique which they called “EXOSTEEL”. She won first prize at World Architecture Community Award 29th circle with the “Kırşehir Automobile & Aeroplane Museum” project in 2018. Another project of Mask Architects, Öznur Pınar is the “Seoul Photography and Art Museum” designed in 2019 was awarded “one of the best Museum of the Year” in Turkey by the “UNIMUZED 2021” International University Museum Association Platform. The same project has been awarded the 2020 Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design in the Best Architectural Design for a Museum category In Russia. She and her partner have been selected to be an invited jury members of the LOOP Design Awards and Global Architecture & Interior Design Awards 2022. She has been a member of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey. She attended Tallinn Design Festival 2021, as a speaker at “SOS Design Conference” about “Oasys+System” “The Artificial Breathing Palm Modular Structure System” and “I-Breathe Just projects on September 23, 2021, in Tallinn, Estonia as well as Istanbul Heritage Conference, as a speaker about “Seoul Art and Photographic Museum” at “Extraordinary Museums Panel” to be held in Istanbul on June 25, 2021. Öznur Pınar ÇER, RIBAM – Founder, Founding Partner, Principal and Lead Design Architect at MASK Architects.

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