Mariano Limongello Architect

Mariano Limongello Architect, DSM Art Director

Mariano Limongello Architect Founder, Art Director at Design Studio Mag. Mariano Limongello, in social MarLim, was born in Naples, Italy. Architect and Designer. He graduated with the Highest score in Architecture, later obtained a master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture in interiors, and then flew to Shanghai, China. He enrolled in a further 2-year master’s degree in Art Design, at the Department of Architecture and Design at the East China Normal University of Shanghai. Obtained a few prolific internships. At this moment he starts collaborations with renowned people like Italo Rota and Nunzia Carbone. His concept and taste for the purity of the form, the elegance of the proportions, the attention to detail, and the interest in industrial materials have led him to be a maniacal critic of design and architecture. In 2015 he opened his own Office. Mar Lim has worked for several years for large companies in the textile and clothing sector, creating store branding for brands such as Original Marines and Fruscìo, as well as Prima Donna and Donnaloka. Designed more than 130 stores around the world. Including Lebanon, Qwait, Dubai in the Emirates, Eastern Europe, China, and Russia. Mariano Limongello Architect.

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