The house is becoming a place of innovation, comfort and socializing, with people, activities within this environment. see interior design trends 2021

How will the house in 2021?

Our relationship with the idea of home, as has been emphasized by the protagonists of Next Design Perspective, is changing. The house in 2021. As well as what we do in the spaces of our daily lives. The house is in fact becoming a place of innovation, both from the point of view of comfort and from that of socializing, with people who concentrate more and more activities within this environment. Let’s see interior design trends in 2021.

The house is increasingly seen as a place to improve and take care of yourself, a real comfort zone. For this reason, it will continue to be a growing market sector thanks to the interior design trends 2021 search for well-being and calm. An environment where you can dedicate yourself to your private sphere but where you can also practice activities that until yesterday was carried out in other places; such as sports and fitness that will gradually have ad hoc spaces.

Another aspect that will increasingly characterize our homes, will be the transformation of the living spaces. Shared and more spacious areas to be together and spend pleasant moments in the company of family and friends. On the other side, the bedroom will instead become more intimate and small, an intimate “refuge” where you can rest and relax. This is the interior design trends 2021.

In general, the spaces will be more fluid and connected, with multifunctional furnishings designed and built for multiple environments in order to be able. For example, to transform the kitchen or living room into our office. Consumers will define the use of objects and their function with a furniture design that changes and moves according to different needs. I the interior design trends 2021 Everything will be designed and created to help us live better, technology and home automation included that will be able to understand tomorrow; even before our return home, what our mood will be and decide, for example, whether to let us find the fireplace lit to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Next Design Perspective. interior design trends 2021
Furniture Evolution in Italy. image by POLIdesign


According to what emerged during Next Design Perspective, the trend that will take root in the future is the transition from possession to accessing. People will no longer want products but satisfy their desires, thus leading to the development of an intangible economy based on emotions, experience and knowledge. In consumption, quality will prevail over quantity, thus creating simple and essential environments, in style and furnishings. Enjoy your spaces to the fullest and best. This is the interior design trends 2021. watch also: COMING SOON

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