Hub for technological innovation

Hub for technological innovation for coworking spaces HiHack

Hub for technological innovation in the design sector will be built within the MIND Milano Innovation District, being developed in the former Expo area by the developer Lendlease.

The aim of Hub for technological innovation project is to create a large integrated Living Lab with coworking, coliving and cofactory spaces.

It will be designed to support the rapid prototyping of new products by companies and startups, as well as to encourage the development of open innovation programs and stimulate the diffusion of digital technologies in the sector.

Also, to found a sustainable ecosystem able to bring out a new community and to represent an exemplary model for future urban regeneration in the world, with the support of important partners such as Lendlease and PwC.

HiHack by Hi-Interiors - DesignTech Hub in Milan
Hub for technological innovation

Start-ups and companies that want to establish themselves as innovators in the sector will be selected by Hi-Interiors – the Italian scaleup that developed the concept of DesignTech.

Hi-Interiors recently launched the second edition of the HiHack program with a first call, the call4Solutions, aimed at scouting of furnishing solutions for the coworking spaces of the DesignTech Hub whose inauguration is scheduled for October 2020.

In the first phase, the hub will be housed inside the MIND Village, in the Intesa Sanpaolo pavilion designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi.

HiHack by Hi-Interiors - DesignTech in Milan Hub for technological innovation
Hub for technological innovation

Hub for technological innovation “After the success, beyond the expectations, of the first edition of HiHack, we are eager to see the candidacies of this year and to be able to encourage a first tangible collaboration between startups and companies to furnish the spaces of DesignTech.

We are offering participants in the call an important access to opportunities represented by MIND – says Ivan Tallarico, CEO of Hi-Interiors.

The initiative aims to bring together companies, designers, studios and professionals from the sector spread throughout Milan under the same roof with technological startups from the most advanced innovation ecosystems at an international level, to create a global innovation hub in design.”

All the selected products, solutions and technologies will become an integral part of the project and will guarantee an important visibility to the companies that proposed them, both towards the MIND ecosystem and internationally.

Milan will confirm itself as Design City and Innovation Destination in the sector, worldwide.

Ivan Tallarico, Founder of HiHack by Hi-Interiors - Hub for technological innovation
Hub for technological innovation

Choosing MIND as the address for the DesignTech Hub immediately seemed to us the most forward-looking entrepreneurial choice – continues the CEO of Hi-Interiors – also due to its proximity to the Rho fair which hosts the Salone del Mobile, the largest industry event in the world.

Starting this project right now seems to us a right choice to offer a positive signal of reaction to the current crisis, since the initiative represents a catalyst for new opportunities to get out of the recession together and relaunch our country’s socio-economic growth “, he concludes.

Partners of the initiative are:

Lendlease, an international company operating in the real estate sector and responsible for the private development of MIND

PwC, which provides the Open Innovation Brightidea platform that allows you to manage all the early stages of the call digitally allowing you to unite your minds without having to approach the bodies, as well as the skills of the New Ventures team to contribute to the creation and animation of the ecosystem.

DDN confirms itself as media partner of the initiative, having hosted the first edition of HiHack in the Fuorisalone circuit, as well as RDS 100% Grandi Successi, which actively participates in the innovation ecosystem

Ghénos Communication, which will take care of PR & Press activities Office.

The call partners are:

SIB Società Italiana Brevetti, which will make its know-how on intellectual property protection available to call participants

Two Hundred, the Italian equity crowdfunding portal that will provide its platform for financing the most deserving selected projects.

Pininfarina, historian and major player in the sector, will make its experience available by facilitating design thinking and mentoring sessions on call topics.

STMicroelectronics, a global leader in semiconductors with customers in all application sectors of electronics, which will set up a PoC (Proof of Concept) laboratory in the spaces of DesignTech, that is, a place where to verify and make concrete new Internet of Things projects proposed by companies and startups.

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