Glass, Concrete, Steel, & Soul – Giant luxury transformation

Glass, Concrete, Steel, & Soul.  A former industrial giant transformed into a luxury mixed-use icon. 

Glass Concrete Steel Soul - successful luxury condominium

Glass, Concrete, Steel, & Soul.

A successful luxury condominium. When originally constructed in 1923, the grain elevator owned by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was the world’s largest and fastest. The Glass Concrete Steel Soul – Located along Baltimore city’s southernmost peninsula, the 24-story, 300ft. The building was strategically sited for the movement of millions of pounds of grain and other agricultural products to be shipped all around the world.  READ ABOUT REM KOOLHAAS

successful luxury condominium
1922 – Under Construction

Turner Development transformed the towering landmark

Glass Concrete Steel SoulSuccessful luxury condominium. Incorporating the original grant tower and thirteen silos into the final design of the project.  The new buildings are composed of a glass curtain wall in conjunction with metal corrugated siding.  In its design, Silo Point exists as both a reminder of the economy and culture that first transformed Baltimore into a major city, and a foreshadowing of the city’s emerging 21st-century economy, culture, and population. GO TO INSTAGRAM

Glass Concrete Steel Soul
Silo Point Aerial

Silo Point is the only successful luxury condominium grain elevator conversion in the world.  Successful luxury condominium

A project that took 15 acres of abandon industrial land and completely transformed it into an international model of infill mixed-use development. READ ABOUT CONVERSION BUILDINGS

Glass Concrete Steel Soul - successful luxury condominium
Lobby Exterior

The conversion of Silo Point

From an abandoned grain elevator into contemporary, urban condominiums and mixed-use development was inspired by one core idea: the best vision for a city’s future cannot ignore its past.  Silo Point now boasts almost one million square feet, including 228 luxury condominiums and 20,000 square feet of retail, restaurants, spa, and salon, and office space. READ ABOUT URBAN-RETAIL DEVELOPMENT

Glass Concrete Steel Soul
Catacombs Lounge – Glass Concrete Steel Soul
Glass Concrete Steel Soul
Game Room

As soon as one enters the lobby, the character of the original mill is evident, with octagonal concrete columns that have stood for nearly a century.  The breathtaking 25-foot ceiling height that was once needed to accommodate railroad cars as they entered the factory, now greets visitors to the iconic building.

Glass Concrete Steel Soul
Living Room

Under the dramatic lobby in the lower level of the building, known as the “catacombs.”  Here the stylish private high-tech health club with state-of-the-art equipment includes 15 flat-screen televisions, iPod dock stations, yoga, kickboxing, and Pilate’s rooms.  Gym-goers are again surrounded by the original cement pillars that support the massive structure.  Billiards, poker, wine tasting, conference, and lounge spaces are designed in Silo Point’s signature industrial-chic style, offering an exciting experience only available to Silo Point residents.

Glass Concrete Steel Soul - successful luxury condominium
Kitchen – Glass Concrete Steel Soul

The history and architecture of the building

It is important to develop as its luxury finishes.  The project echoes the building’s original use in imaginative and practical ways.  In reference to the original site in which every silo had a specific bin number, all of the residential units in Silo Point are identified with a unique “Bin” number.  Landscaping around the entire site also honors the original factory and its former commodities, with rows of rural crops and plants gracing the urban oasis.

successful luxury condominium
Masterbed – Glass Concrete Steel Soul
Glass Concrete Steel Soul - successful luxury condominium

Eric Turner
Turner Development  1200 Steuart St. | Baltimore

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