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Get Architecture Magazine Interview | Design Studio Mag

Design Studio Mag | Get Architecture Magazine Interview. Ask to be interviewed as an Architect, Designer, Creative, or Artist. / request of interview. Fill out the form to request the interview. We’ll peek at your profile and prepare questions for you. Our staff will contact you by email as soon as possible! If you wish to upload an article, go here: ARTICLES UPLOAD.

*The first publication will take place in the next 20 days

And now? Start preparing a profile photo, the foremost beautiful and artistic you’ve got, send us the links of the works you’d wish to mention, then you’ll choose the photos of your most beautiful works supported by the questions we’ll ask you in our Architecture Magazine Interview. Ask to be interviewed as an Architect, Designer, Creative, or Artist.


Through the contributions of the readers, creatives, and creators of Design Studio Mag, no matter place, position, or prestige; religion, nationality, or gender – are invited to speak their work to an outsized international audience via the shape Receive your interview or upload the article on the section: Get Architecture Magazine Interview.

This horizontal distribution of data means cultural conversations are developed directly with our readers. Don’t follow any hierarchical systems or fixed chains of command. Through interviews and articles, creatives from all corners of the world were invited to contribute. As part of a positive commentary on the world’s creative scene. We are called to upload their projects to the readers of Design Studio Mag. What are you waiting to be featured in and Get Architecture Magazine Interview? Be exposed to an audience of execs, students, and enthusiasts of design.

How to be interviewed on architecture magazine online?

The editors of Design Studio Mag welcome the submission of your work for consideration. Though we receive a considerable volume of unsolicited work. We make an effort to review every project submitted and offer a broad range of opportunities for publication.

Try to present the reasons your project should be of interest to our readers in the Architecture Magazine Interview. Clearly present your ideas in a short, direct narrative. Avoid flowery, inflated descriptions; the project will speak for itself. Target your inquiry letter by explaining why your submission should interest our readers, and explaining where you think your story or project might fit in.

Your material and works, published on our other social channels as INSTAGRAM

PHOTO: Pardini Hall Architecture DSM 2021 AWARDS