Unveiling Excellence: DSM 2023 Architecture Awards Winners

Unveiling Excellence: DSM 2023 Architecture Awards Winners – In the ever-evolving world of architecture, innovation, and design continue to shape our built environment, pushing boundaries and redefining aesthetics. Each year, the DSM Architecture Awards shine a spotlight on the brightest stars of this dynamic industry, celebrating their creativity, vision, and unwavering commitment to architectural excellence.

The DSM 2023 Architecture Awards have brought forth a remarkable array of projects that have left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape. From awe-inspiring skyscrapers to sustainable urban developments and ingenious small-scale designs, these awards are a testament to the incredible diversity and ingenuity within the field of architecture.

In the following articles, we will explore the winners across ten distinct categories, each representing a different facet of architectural achievement. From visionary architects and their groundbreaking designs to awe-inspiring structures that have redefined cityscapes, our coverage will take you on a journey through the outstanding projects and individuals who have garnered recognition at the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards.

Join us as we reveal the names, stories, and innovative concepts that have secured a place in architectural history. These winners exemplify the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and creativity, setting new standards for architecture in the modern age. It’s time to meet the champions of the architecture world, as we present the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards winners, who are leading the way toward a brighter and more beautiful built environment.

Stay tuned for a closer look at each category and discover the visionaries who are reshaping our world through the art of architecture.

DSM 2023 Architecture Awards Winners:



studioVRA (Rubén García Rubio & Sonsoles Vela Navarro)

La situación de la parcela a modo de charnela entre la avenida del Gayo y la calle Mariano Suarez Pola fomenta que la integración urbana y arquitectónica vertebre la propuesta.

A escala urbana se proponen varias estrategias, siendo la principal de ellas la voluntad de organizar los espacios públicos del entorno. Se propone la creación de una plaza pública, abierta a la Avenida del Gayo, que dote de entidad al área y actúe de antesala del nuevo Centro Cultural. En realidad, la propuesta abre el jardín existente en la parte posterior del edificio catalogado, por lo cual no modifica su volumen, y lo extiende liberando la planta baja del mismo. De esta forma, plaza y planta baja se conciben como una única entidad continua. Todo ello reforzado por el uso de un mismo pavimento cuyas microtopografías salvan la diferencia de cota entre las dos calles y así permiten la entrada al centro por ambos frentes, además de organizar todo el espacio público. A ello hay que añadir la reducción de las plazas de aparcamiento en ambos frentes para ensanchar y conectar las aceras entre las dos calles.


Ecumenical Center
The ecumenical center was born as an architectural expression of the connection between the physical and spiritual planes. The building’s volumetry rises towards the sky, in order to reach the sunlight that is, essentially, the protagonist of the project. Incident through a thin slit, the sun’s rays draw different internal scenarios, which change at every moment and are not repeated.


BEND coffee table

The table is made of two bent aluminum plates which fit together. When put together, the plates extend all the way to the legs. This gives a certain transparency and lightness to the design and a vertical storage is created for magazines, newspapers, plaid… In between the two top plates, there is also the possibility of storage on both sides of the table.

Aluminium was chosen as the material because it is easily recyclable. An ecological process was selected for painting where the mist is reused. The sculptural form of the table engages with its surroundings.


DSM 2023 Architecture Awards Winners

The new Bonfiglioli Headquarters

Located on the outskirts of Bologna, Italy, arises from the need to create an efficient and functional office building that expresses the professionalism, innovation, and proud history of the Italian company. Bonfiglioli is a global leader in the design, production, and distribution of a full range of gear motors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes, and inverters, handling the most complex demands in industrial automation, mobile machinery, and renewable energy.


DSM 2023 Architecture Awards Winners

Flat Oak draws light and textures through subtle lines.

Home for a family of four, the 600 sqm apartment has a warm atmosphere in all of its spaces. Panels and bespoke built-in furniture exhibit a composition of slatted, planked, and plain Oak, white and beige marbles, and metal finishings. They frame and support the movement of fabrics, curvy lines, and light. Sunrays, filtered by translucent linen curtains, soften the present geometries, playing with our senses. A collection of touches, silhouettes, and light features enriches the experience.


DSM 2023 Architecture Awards Winners


Located at a busy intersection in Santa Clara, California, the recently completed Thirty75 Tech project nestles into the urban site and creates a new public space against a backdrop of Silicon Valley office parks and freeways. The project explored the dialectic relationship between performance and expression in architecture. The intent is to seek an architectural response to the market demand of a Class A office building typically defined by “glazed/ transparent facades” and an architectural narrative that embodies the technical agenda to increase energy efficiency by reducing heat gain, reduction of glare from direct sunlight, and reduction of artificial lighting in the provision of even daylight for a working environment



La Clara is a crack on the ground level that stretches to the entrails of an anarchic block courtyard that resists the external reality thanks to its own neighbors’ laws. After cleaning up the rear brick wall one could read the word ‘lavadero’, public laundry spaces that sprang up in Barcelona during the XIX and part of the XX centuries, built at the intersections of the torrents that flowed down from Collserola mountains.


DSM 2023 Architecture Awards Winners

Sólon Shelter
The shelter on Sólon Street is a social housing project for homeless people, which was developed in partnership with the city of São Paulo. Taking as a base a building that turned out to be historic, the first Ford factory in Brazil, the project develops through the ground floor and three other floors of the factory
to work on the issue of social housing in the center of a large metropolis like São Paulo.


Celebrating Excellence: Special Mentions at the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards

While the winners of the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards have rightfully claimed the spotlight with their groundbreaking designs and visionary projects, it’s equally important to acknowledge the individuals and teams whose contributions may not have secured the top spot but are deserving of special recognition.

In the world of architecture, beauty, and innovation often transcend the confines of rankings and categories. The “Special Mention” recipients at the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards exemplify this fact. Their projects may not have clinched the highest honor, but they have, without a doubt, left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape.

In this series of articles, we turn our attention to these remarkable architects and their extraordinary creations. While they may not have stood atop the podium, their designs and ideas are nothing short of breathtaking. These “Special Mention” awardees have demonstrated exceptional creativity, pushing the boundaries of architectural aesthetics and functionality.

Join us as we celebrate these talented individuals and teams who may not have claimed the ultimate title but have made a significant impact on the field of architecture. Their projects reflect a commitment to excellence, an unwavering passion for their craft, and a dedication to making the world more beautiful and functional through architecture.

In the following articles, we will showcase the projects, ideas, and architects behind these special mentions, offering a glimpse into the incredible work that has captured our attention and admiration. These are the hidden gems of the architectural world, and it’s time to shine a well-deserved spotlight on their inspiring contributions.

Stay tuned as we explore the architectural wonders of the “Special Mention” recipients at the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards, proving that excellence knows no bounds in the ever-evolving world of architecture.

House O

Deals with the integral renovation of an old townhouse in the neighborhood of Arenales, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. With only one southwest-facing facade and a depth of 14 meters, the original two-story house had an excessively compartmentalized and dark interior. In addition to these initial conditions, the client requested the removal of the main courtyard in order to increase the interior space.



Three arched windows on the fourth floor of a heritage building on Old Montreal’s St Pierre Street let the light in on a space that seems to bridge dimensions. This project’s client was anything but typical, and he and the studio have a longstanding relationship. Both are compelled to push against expectations and sidestep conventions.


Casa 22 Avellaners

Santes Creus, the capital of Aiguamúrcia, is located on the left bank of the Gaià river, around the Real Monestir de Santa Maria de Santes Creus, one of the jewels of 12th-century Cistercian art in Catalonia. The location of this house is part of the expansion of the urban area that was developed in Santes Creus at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.



“On a sunny hillside overlooking the bay Lagos, in Portugal, Casa Libre faces inwards, towards the privacy of its patio, but is also open to the south, where the view becomes lost in the immense sea. With a clean, square design, the house, on a single floor, in exposed concrete, originates from this patio and then opens out toward the horizon. The weight of concrete coexists with the lightness of a loose canopy and the transparency of the glazed surfaces.



Peter Pichler Architecture designs landscape-inspired villas in vineyards in North Italy.
The new villa is located in South Tyrol, North Italy in the wonderful Alpine landscape of Termeno, renowned for being the home of the Gewürztraminer wine. In 2018 PPA won an invited competition to replace an old existing structure on top of the ‘Kastelaz’ vineyard with a new villa, owned by a well-known wine-producing family from the area. The site is nestled within mountain valleys, the vineyard, a forest, and close Caldaro Lake, providing a 360-degree landscape view.


House F

Is the result of deep reflection on the concept of dwelling and the multiple domestic scenarios that an architectural project can foster. It is a house for a couple in which the users can choose to engage or disengage with the public life of the neighborhood, opening up or closing themselves off to the surroundings. It is a home and a refuge.



When looking for a place to live, people are guided by various aspects. Our investors fled their dream home due to the construction of a railway, which was planned 100m from the place where they lived for years. Searching for a new space was a real escape from the city straight to the forest. A long, nervous research was successful, they found a place in the buffer zone of the forest, pine trees and nature on each side. From the moment of purchasing the plot to the implementation of the project, several months passed. Being on the plot we felt the typical call of nature.


Unveiling Excellence: IN DECEMBER The “Top 5” Projects and All Participants at the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards

As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on through the world of architecture. In our ongoing effort to spotlight exceptional projects and talented architects, we have had the privilege of showcasing a multitude of awe-inspiring designs, innovative concepts, and visionary architects in our magazine throughout the year.

Now, as we approach the end of the year, we eagerly anticipate a momentous event: the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards. These awards celebrate not only the winners but also all the participants who have poured their heart and soul into their creations, pushing the boundaries of architecture.

From these remarkable projects, we are thrilled to announce the “Top 5” projects selected from all the magazine’s published works during the year. These projects have stood out for their exceptional craftsmanship, creativity, and impact on the architectural world. They represent a culmination of the best architectural endeavors showcased in our magazine, and we can’t wait to delve into the intricacies of each one.

Join us as we explore these “Top 5” projects, taking a closer look at the architects and their groundbreaking designs that have graced our pages over the past year. Each project is a testament to the innovation and dedication that defines the world of architecture.

Furthermore, we extend our appreciation and congratulations to all participants of the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards. Whether you’re a 2023 nominee, an honorable mention, or a category winner, your commitment to shaping the built environment is truly commendable. We look forward to highlighting your contributions as well, because, in the realm of architecture, every project and every architect plays a crucial role in defining our world.

As we approach the culmination of the year, let’s celebrate the architects who have graced our magazine’s pages and the broader architectural community. Together, they inspire, innovate, and create, shaping a future filled with beauty and ingenuity.

Stay tuned as we honor the “Top 5” projects and showcase the outstanding work of all participants at the DSM 2023 Architecture Awards. Their collective vision and dedication have left an indelible mark on the world of architecture.

Waiting for… THE DSM TOP 5!

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