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Design Studio Mag 2022 AWARDS. Why apply for DSM 2022 AWARDS?

Because you want your business to grow, your work appreciated, and you want something new and fun. The International exposure through our media partners, thousands of Design Studio Mag readers, achievements in print, and online, and our potent Social Media make the difference!


Design Studio Mag 2022 Awards, an international Design competition recognizing the world’s channel best projects, products, and ideas. Entries are juried by a multidisciplinary panel of industry experts.

What do all participants receive?

  • Recognition of their achievements in print, online, and at the Design Studio Mag Awards
  • Name and project viewed by thousands of Design Studio Mag readers and their networks
  • International exposure through our media partners
  • Social Media DSM 2022 Awards Badge for Articles and Post
  • A Great Discount on the next type of paid contest
  • 2 Free tickets for Shanghai Design, Shenzhen Design, and Design Beijing events *

*Offer limited to the first 10 registered, for each event, (tot. 30 tickets) entrants from China, before 2 June 2022. (Visa Cov-19 disp.)

What else do winners receive?

  • Winner’s name and project viewed by thousands of Design Studio Mag readers and their networks
  • International exposure through our media partners
  • Winners’ articles and media kits are disclosed on a distribution platform for specialist magazines
  • Social Media DSM 2022 Awards WINNER Badge on Articles and Post
  • Winners post on social media
  • Trophy (separate shipping cost)
  • Free Printed Year Book (separate shipping cost)



  • 15 February 2022

2 | Early Bird Registration

  • 16 February and March 2022

3 | Regular Entry Registration

  • April, May, and June 2022

4 | Late Entry Registration

  • July 2022

8 cotton bags reserved for each winner
Hand-screen printed bags in which you can insert your projects and presentations!


1 – Choose your entrance fee

2 – Fill out the form below and submit your material.

NOTE: You can upload your project whenever you want, before the end of July.



  • Entries need to be submitted and received through the web entry form by 11:59 pm EST on 31st July 2022.
  • All pics need to be in jpg format, high res.
  • project titles, descriptions, and images must not include the call or emblem of the dressmaker, architect, company, organization, customer, or manufacturer.
  • on the listing, 5 to 10 of all pix must be optimized for Instagram e-book size.


  • Designers and design companies.
  • Architects, Landscape Architects, and architectural companies.
  • College students enrolled in design and architecture programs in 2019/2020/2021/2022.
  • Architecture Photographers.
  • products should be prototyped or in production.


Ex Figura.

Barbara Stallone & Francisco Silva founders & creative directors

at ex figura

Ex Figura develops experimental types of architecture, balancing between different art forms, materials, textures, construction methods. The objective of the studio is to create elements that will shape a better reality.
It is a multidisciplinary studio focused on developing strategies that improve people’s lives. From complex problems to natural and innovative systems. The context is always the foundation of the projects. Considering every reference, thinking about the future and every transformation it may hold, is part of the process. The ending result is spaces that are seamlessly connected to the world, to people, to nature – from real situations to efficient and local solutions.

dsm 2022 awards

Minghui Chang.



His work encompasses all fields of design, ranging from urban scale to products, interiors, and furniture. Central to his concerns is a simultaneous engagement in practice and creative research. He is passionate about innovation, technology, and ecology.
Chang Minghui has more than 15 years of experience in design and management with a special emphasis on projects with complex programmatic requirements.
He lives to design bold and inspiring spaces for people. He believes that strategic design starts with careful listening/insight.
2013 Europan 12, Amstetten, Austria – 1st Prize
2013 Daegu Gosan Library, South Korea – Honourable Mention
2012 New Contemporary Art Museum, Buenos Aires Honourable

dsm 2022 awards design competition

Martina Panico


At FURRINA Design.

Italian, Architect, she lived in Rome for a long time between the rubble of antiquity and the modernism. She has a strong sense of Aesthetic Taste, ancient and renovation, maintenance of historical identities. Supervisor of FURRINA Design projects.
Martina has worked on impressive projects such as the restoration of disused hemp factories, creating an urban park with exciting architectural cross-sections.

Another internationally renowned project on a design competition, is the new museum in Helsinki, Finland. A huge building dotted with spheres.

dsm 2022 awards design competition

Mar. Lim.

Architect, Designer

Founder at Design Studio Mag.

Mariano Limongello, in social MarLim, was born in Naples, Italy. Architect and Designer. He graduated with the Highest score in Architecture, later obtained a master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture in interiors, and then flew to Shanghai, China. He enrolled in a further 2-year master’s degree in Art Design, at the Department of Architecture and Design at the East China Normal University of Shanghai. Obtained few prolific internship. At this moment he starts collaborations with renowned people like Italo Rota and Nunzia Carbone. His concept and the taste for the purity of the form, the elegance of the proportions, the attention to detail, and the interest in industrial materials have led him to be a maniacal critic of design and architecture.. In 2015 he opened his own studio.

Mar Lim has worked for several years for large companies in the textile and clothing sector, creating store branding for brands such as Original Marines and Fruscìo, as well as Prima Donna and Donnaloka. Designed more than 130 stores around the world. Including Lebanon, Qwait, Dubai in the Emirates, Eastern Europe, China, and Russia.

dsm 2022 awards design competition

Magaña Calderón

Architect and Photopicker

Principal at Cristian Magaña Calderón Arch.

Cultural, political, economic, physical, social, but in particular we have a personal deep connection with the natural context. Our first 5 years of work were dedicated to a self-taught landscape practice, experiencing more than 40 projects.

Now in our Architectural practice, we approach the ground upon which we design through an intense physical (sensorial), emotional (intangible feelings) and spiritual (soul) site reading. Emphasizing relationships and connections with nature. We pursue use of local and mostly natural materials, with a purpose to preserve national handcrafts and artisans.

We believe we pour down energy upon the earth and nature energy will come back in return, the practice of mindfulness in every step of the process remembers us happiness comes through the whole journey.

Photography has the power to capture here and now, we try to manifest our philosophy through powerful images. It is about capturing the precise moment that our heart speaks.

dsm 2022 awards design competition

Gianluca Ciliberti

Architect, Designer

at Hong Arkitekten

dsm 2022 awards design competition


dsm 2022 awards


Each project is evaluated on its own merits according to the following 4 criteria:


Is the design modern, visually, and intellectually stimulating? Does it provoke curiosity, have the capability to uplift spirits, or certainly pleasure?

Score Range: 0 to 100 points


How nicely does it serve its meant use? Does it efficiently remedy troubles?

Score Range: 0 to 100 points


Does it include a completely unique approach, use a new medium or materials? Is it technologically modern, ahead-searching?

Score Range: 0 to 100 points

Social and Environmental and Responsibility

recycled materials and/or can they be recycled? Does it offer a social advantage? Does it supply an amazing temper, properly-being, healthful environment?

Score Range: 0 to 100 points



    Furniture, Lighting, Interior products, Architectural products.
    Residential buildings, Commercial, institutional, Temporary, and Experiential installations, re-use, innovative and sustainable
    Public and private
    Completed commercial, residential or mixed-use, more than one building, Unbuilt, Infrastructure, Urban Interventions, pedestrian.
  • EXPERIMENTAL GRAPHIC DESIGN AND VIDEO. Experiential, brand identity, Interiors, Residential interiors, Commercial, institutional, Concepts, Unbuilt, Competition, landscapes, and interiors or not in production
    Any industrial design product, architectural structure,
    landscape, interior space or unbuilt, enrolled in a design or architecture program
    Residential, interiors, Commercial, institutional.
    competition, unbuilt buildings, landscapes and interiors, Ideas /prototypes, Conceptual, design schemes, and objects not
    yet realized or not in production
    Architectural Photographer Photographs related to Design and Architecture.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CARE AWARD sensitivity and respect for the use and management of natural resources, respect for materials, and energy use. Projects may be entered in one or both categories.

DSM 2022 AWARDS Submission Specs:

Upload 1 folder containing 1 text + photo file

Inside the text file (copy and paste):

Name and Surname of the entrant:
Company / Studio / Organisation – entrant:


wat n°:


Name of the project:
Architects/authors (names of architects and/or studio):
suppliers – companies):

Others in the team:
Location (City, country):
Year of completion:
Total area (m2):
Site area (m2):
Description of the project (300 words min.):

Design Studio Mag 2022 AWARDS

  • Images: You may submit up to 15-20 images and/or drawings/renderings in jpg format, not containing a name or logo. Optimize for web publication.
  • Video: Entrants are encouraged to share videos, we accept direct uploads in .mov, .mp4, or mpg format with a file size less than 600MB.
  • Project name: Select a name to represent your project or product. The project name must not contain the name of the designer, architect, firm, company, client, or manufacturer.
  • Project description: No more than 600 words, 300-400 is ok, including objectives and how they were met, design challenges, technological and/or material innovations, and social and environmental impact. Project descriptions and images must not contain the name or logo of the designer, architect, firm, company, client, or manufacturer.


Use this document as a guide to help you prepare your 2022 DSM Awards submissions:

  • Ⓞ Are you eligible?
    architects, designers, landscape architects, developers, firms, companies, clients, manufacturers and students of design-related disciplines.
  • Ⓞ Select your category
    Pick the category best suited for your project.
  • Ⓞ Name your submission (Project Name)
    Select a Project Name to represent your project or product. NO designer, architect, firm, company, client or manufacturer name.
  • Ⓞ Project Description
    500 – 600 words or less. Include objectives, challenges, and social and environmental impact.
  • Ⓞ Technical details
    (Project Specs) Provide a technical description of your project or product in 300 words or less.
  • Ⓞ Upload images, drawings, or renderings
    You must provide up to 15- 20 images and or drawings/renderings in jpg format, H.Q.
  • Ⓞ Team Credits
    Provide relevant credits for the team
  • Ⓞ Provide your contact information
    your contact information, and INSTAGRAM @tag.

DSM 2022 AWARDS General terms & conditions:

All information and requested materials must be provided by the deadline or the submission will be disqualified without notice.
Works are excluded from the design competition if their presentation would infringe a right. The entrant authorizes Design Studio Mag to publish the submission in the eventual print edition, on
, and on any websites affiliated with the DSM Awards competition. The submission may be reproduced, in whole or in part, for editorial and promotional purposes.
The Awards competition is totally free of cost, in the case of spontaneous donation, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances.
All submissions become the property of Design Studio Mag, (just the materials) and therefore photography credits are not required and could not be included in the publication. If the photography rights are owned by a party other than the submitter, the submitter must obtain copyright permission on behalf of Design Studio Mag.

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The DSM 2022 AWARDS – Design Studio Mag 2022 – design competition.

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