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Welcome to our Free Architecture Magazine Submissions (or Project Submission page!). The Design Studio Mag Submissions Form. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to share your designs and projects with our community. Our design studio magazine is dedicated to showcasing the best in architecture and design, and we would love to feature your work. We offer free uploads, so there is no cost to you to share your projects with us. Once your submission is received, our team will review it and if it is selected for publication, it will be featured on our website and published in our online magazine. We look forward to seeing your projects and highlighting the amazing work of the architecture and design community. Here you can upload the architecture project:

How to be posted on Architecture Instagram magazine account

Thank you for considering submitting your work to us.

Excellent! this is the Design Studio Mag Architecture & Design Submissions place! Here you can upload an Architecture project (and not the only one). Please read the notes below to make certain you send us what we want and the way we need to upload the Architecture project.

We get submissions through this form: 

Attention! this is NOT the form for DSM 2022 AWARDS!

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WARNING! Remember: the editorial staff mostly accepts unpublished texts. We avoid publishing with copy and paste modality to elude ranking penalties!

How to publish architecture articles in magazines? To submit your project, we recommend attaching a Google Drive link (preferred) (Please upload one folder with separate files, don’t upload one zipped folder), this makes the review process much more efficient. Also, make sure your Google folder includes the following on How to publish architecture articles in magazine:

1 – Separate Drawings ( Plans, Sections, Perspectives, etc.) Jpg Format, top jpegs at least 2500 pixels on the shortest aspects, web optimization, 300 or+ textual contents about the project, Author, Photographer, place, Instagram tag, other social channels, etc… and hyperlinks in which appropriate. Please have a look at the copyright coverage before filing the material.

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  • Images: You may submit up to 10 – 20 images and/or drawings/renderings in jpg format, at least 300 dpi (minimum of 9” height and width)+ 5 to 10 as Instagram Format, is possible to duplicate the previous. Images must not contain the name or logo of the designer, architect, firm, company, client, or manufacturer. If submitting a rendering, please ensure that this is clearly indicated in the file name. Optimize for web publication.
  • Video: Entrants are encouraged to share videos of their work that help to communicate the project. It is shared via weblink (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), but we will accept direct uploads in .mov, .mp4, or mpg format with a file size of less than 1 GB.
  • Project name: Select a name to represent your project or product. The project name must not contain the name of the designer, architect, firm, company, client, manufacturer, website, or Instagram account.
  • Project Description: No more than 600 words, 300-400 is good, including objectives and how they were met, design challenges, technological and/or material innovations, and social and environmental impact. Project descriptions and images must not contain the name or logo of the designer, architect, firm, company, client, or manufacturer.
  • Project specs: No more than 200 words including dimensions, materials, fabrication techniques, and manufacturing process.


  • 1 txt. file with: – generality and links, – project description, – project specs.
  • 1 folder with photos
  • 1 folder with plans

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3 – We do not have formal criteria for deciding on projects but well-known are searching out content material that is clean, innovative, newsworthy, has a good story behind it, and notable photos. We get various submissions and we can not reply to all of us, even though we do try to observe the whole thing. Please don’t scrimp at the range of photos – the extra, the better. Feel Free to let us grow our Architecture Magazine with Submissions.




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Design Studio Mag Submissions.

Then what happens?

If we like the look of the undertaking we will be in touch. it is able to take us some time to get back to you. it’s high-quality to send us the extraordinary gentle reminder – we’re human and we do neglect things once in a while.

In the meantime, we’ll upload you to our contributor’s mailing list (a list of humans who have submitted initiatives to us or were posted). you will consequently get hold of the occasional email from us.

We love exclusivity

We are more likely to post initiatives that might be despatched to us solely. in case you are providing us with an exclusive, please make this clear for your submissions e-mail.

We like movies

When you have a film related to your venture, ship it in! We normally upload submitted movies to our own channels (specifically Facebook, and Instagram). We may edit movies.

The best you can do is to upload plans, drawings and sketches Plans, sections, and sketches are very famous to our readers, so please encompass them if you may.

We love to credit score everyone

Ship us project credits! particularly for the photographs. we’re rarely able to pay for images however we will, fortunately, deliver credits, links, and full copyright details wherein suitable. Many photographers, fortunately, provide us with free imagery as publication on Design Studio Mag is a great manner to promote their work and often leads to commissions from other publications. NB you have to ensure you have got the permission of the copyright holder for all fabric you post. Please DM For missing credits!

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Whilst we have published your assignment please percentage like loopy on social media, newsletters, your internet site, and so on. it’s going to assist your challenge to get more visits and extra attention. Do not be shy!

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Optimistically humans will comment on your assignment in our remarks segment. With a bit of luck, the remarks can be wise and positive. although they’re not, please get concerned with the aid of responding, challenging, and commonly enticing with our target audience.

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Responsibility is declined by the article’s owner if their presentation would infringe on a right. The entrant authorizes Design Studio Mag to publish the submission in the eventual print edition, on, and any websites affiliated with the DSM Awards competition. The submission may be reproduced, in whole or in part, for editorial and promotional purposes. The upload is totally free of cost, in case of spontaneous donation, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. All submissions become the property of Design Studio Mag, (just the materials) and therefore photography credits are not required and could not be included in the publication (rare case). If the photography rights are owned by a party other than the submitter, must obtain copyright permission on behalf of Design Studio Mag.

Upload architecture projects are open to architects, designers, landscape architects, developers, firms, companies, clients, manufacturers, and students of design-related disciplines. For Student work: any industrial design product, architectural structure, landscape, interior space, or unbuilt/ unrealized concept developed by a student enrolled in a post-secondary design or architecture program. – Publish architecture articles in the magazine. Free Architecture Magazine Submissions.


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