design shanghai dsm partner

Design Shanghai a DSM Great Partner

Design Shanghai DSM Partner – Design Shanghai is an annual design event held in Shanghai, China, that brings together designers, architects, and industry professionals from around the world to showcase the latest trends and innovations in design. This event offers a unique platform for designers to network and establish partnerships, showcase their work, and expand their reach in the Chinese design market.

Design Shanghai a DSM Great Partner

Recently, Design Shanghai made a happy announcement about its partnership with Design Studio Mag great partner, a leading design magazine based in China. The partnership is aimed at enhancing the visibility and influence of Design Shanghai while providing Design Studio Mag with an opportunity to offer more comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the event to its readers.

Design Shanghai DSM Partner

As part of this DSM partnership, Design Shanghai has provided Design Studio Mag with free tickets to its upcoming event in Shenzhen. This is a significant gesture of goodwill, as it demonstrates Design Shanghai’s commitment to fostering positive and productive partnerships within the design industry.

Design Studio Mag will be able to attend the Shenzhen event and provide its readers with exclusive insights into the latest design trends, innovations, and collaborations that take place at the event. This collaboration will help to promote the event and expand its reach, while also providing valuable exposure and networking opportunities for designers and industry professionals.

Design Shanghai DSM Partner

In conclusion, Design Shanghai’s partnership with Design Studio Mag is an exciting development that promises to benefit both organizations and the design industry as a whole. The provision of free tickets to the Shenzhen event is a generous gesture that reflects Design Shanghai’s commitment to supporting and nurturing partnerships within the design community.

Next events:

1. Design Shanghai 2023, 8-11 June 2023, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre

2. Sustainable Design China Summit 2023, 21-23 September 2023, Beijing Exhibition Center

3. Design Shenzhen 2024, 14-17 March 2024, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre