3D printed designer lighting with an artisanal touch – The Ammunition Collection by Gantri

3D printed designer lighting with an artisanal touch

Gantry releases a new collection of 3D printed designer lighting which harnesses the power of design, cutting-edge digital production technology, and advanced bio-plastics.

Classic product production and 3D printed designer lighting mostly fall into two distinct models. Handcrafting offers a human touch, but often puts objects out of the reach of many people, as they command premium prices.


In industrial production, complex and expensive manufacturing processes can slow innovation and stand between product designers and the consumer. HUB FOR TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION

Through digital production, Gantri has conceived a radically new manufacturing approach. One that enables high-quality designs to be affordable and yet retains a strong sense of artistry.

Why Gantri? To offer an attainable and sustainably produced premium 3D printed designer lighting, range which strikes a balance between industrial production and hand-crafting.

This collection by the Ammunition Group has three lines —Gio, Signal, and Carve—designed with the discerning consumer in mind.

The minds behind the collection – Gantri and Ammunition

What 3D printed designer lighting both do best is to collaborate. So, when these two groups come together you see amazing innovative designs emerging. DESIGN FIGHT POLLUTION

Gantri is a San Francisco-based designer lighting firm, founded by Ian Yang in 2017. They are a digital manufacturer that focuses on partnering with designers to bring unique high-quality lighting efficiently to market.

Ammunition is an all-round design studio founded in 2007 and led by partners Robert Brunner and Matt Rolandson. Prior to founding Ammunition Brunner also spent time as the Director of Industrial Design at Apple.

Ammunition employs designers across the spectrum of areas — from physical design to digital design, brand identity, graphic design and user experience. Their work is widely recognized for its design excellence and they have received more than 200 industry awards.

Working out of studios in San Francisco and Brooklyn, they have partnered with such companies as Adobe, Polaroid, Lyft, and Barnes and Noble. They are responsible for the development and branding of the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and sound system range.

Materials & Techniques – 3D printed designer lighting on demand

The materials and Gantri’s unique manufacturing process are at the heart of this collection. They are a pioneer, and one of the first companies to offer digitally manufactured consumer products.

Every light is produced on demand. The lights are 3D printed, hand-assembled, and finished in California. It is a process that allows the local manufacturing and reduces the waste and international shipping typically associated with industrial production.

Two PLA plastics have been developed—one which is opaque and a second which is translucent. Gantri also engineered their own patent-pending desktop 3D printing machineGantri Dancer™.

The completed light is composed of 60% 3D printed parts. The body is finished by sanding and painting. Each light has a museum-quality LED bulb in soft -white and a dimmer switch included on the cord.

Gantri - Signal table lamp

Style & Aesthetics – Simple and iconic

Each collection has its own specific look and is available as a wall, floor and table lights. They are simple forms that feel familiar and will easily fit into domestic settings and offer a timeless classic look.

Gio is chunky and features simple rounded block shapes. It has been 3D printed designer lighting inspired by 70s Italian lighting designs. There are two Gio table lights—one which is for mood and accent, and the other a task light suitable for a desk.

Each design in Gio is created with two basic shapes that interlock or play off against each other.

As the name suggests, Signal takes its cues from industrial styling. Each design features a round light face crossed with distinctive louvered slats which aid in directing the light.

The Carve collection uses block forms seamlessly merged with a more curvy and traditional light shade shape. The table light can stand tall with its head pointing down, or rest on its side and direct light upwards at an angle.

The collections are available in five warm and neutral color options—a dark rust, forest green, black, stone, or white.

Gantri - Signal table lamp green
Signal Table Light

From corn to table’

PLA is the common name given to polymers based on polylactic acid. It is a more sustainable alternative to petrochemical plastics and produced from fermented plant-based materials. In this case corn.

It is widely used as the filament of choice for desktop 3D printers.

The custom PLA used by Gantry has been created in conjunction with the materials scientists at the Dutch company ColorFabb. It has been blended to suit the specific requirements of premium lighting products.

Gantri - Carve table light green 3D printed designer lighting
Carve Table Light

Design Memento – Find the right partnership

What makes this 3D printed designer lighting impressive, is that Gantri and Ammunition have both leveraged their individual expertise with each other.

Armed with an innovative and technologically progressive manufacturing process. Gantri is able to deliver premium products by sourcing external product designers. The designers at Ammunition were able to push their ideas into the new territory offered by digital production, to create a more accessible premium product.

Gantri - Carve wall light
Carve Wall Light

The writer’s comment – Paving the way for designers to be closer to consumers

It is impressive to see desktop 3D printing technology take a leap into production mode for consumer products. PLA might not be the solution for plastic bags but is a good fit for premium products like this.

We have become quite familiar with ordering a print-on-demand T-shirt. Some wall art or bedlinen and having direct communication with the artist. Now the same might happen for 3D products and product designers, not just surfaces.

This model is promising as it empowers designers by giving them direct access to manufacturing, as well as more sustainable materials and practices.                                    GO BACK

Gio Floor Lamp
Gantri - Gio table task lamp red 3D printed designer lighting
Gantri - Gio table task lamp red side view
Gantri - Gio table task lamp green 3D printed designer lighting
Gantri - Gio table task lamp

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