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Let’s start our Top 10 Architecture | Design Magazine list:

1 – Architectural Digest Top 10 Architecture | Design Magazine

10 Architecture Design Magazine

The Architectural Digest is one of the best Top 10 Architecture | Design Magazine. American monthly magazine, founded in 1920. Its main subject is Interior Design, not just Architecture. The magazine, published by Condé Nast, issues such as Design, Shopping Information celebrity style, and travel. Twelve issues are published each year.

2 – Dwell

​​Recent average, Dwell magazine was launched in 2000. People display their own houses, and flats in stop, and concepts, elements and designs are available in elegant style. The focus is based on the function and comfort of homes. Dwell encourages readers to be innovative with their design ideas.

3 – Architectural record

10 Architecture Design Magazine

​​A very old magazine. It entails a variety of topics and combines the art and business sides of architecture. Architectural Record, Launched in 1891 and functions as an information source for news architectures, engineers, and design professionals. Architectural Record has a close relationship with the American Institute of Architects.

4 – eVolo Top 10 Architecture | Design Magazine

​​eVolo is an Architecture and Design journal, featuring technology, sustainable and creative Designs. Known for organizing a Skyscraper Design Competition eVolo Publishes magazines twice per year. This is for us such as the 4th in the Top 10 Architecture | Design Magazine.

5 – ArchitecturalReview

10 Architecture Design Magazine

​​another very old magazine. The Architectural Review, Launched in London in 1896. This publication was persuasive after the Second World War in raising awareness of urban design. It is an international architecture magazine. Providing different and insightful coverage of topics such as landscaping, building design, interior design and urbanism. Therefore 5th in Top 10 Architecture | Design Magazine

6 – Icon

10 Architecture Design Magazine

​​The icon is a Design magazine. First published in 2003 featuring news, photos, and videos of some of the extraordinary works of architecture. 12 times per year. The Architecture fields are as well as exhibitions, books, products, modern cultural movements, and technological advances.

7 – Archis

​​This year 2015 marks Volume’s 10th anniversary. Archie now Publishes an independent quarterly magazine called Volume Which continues Archis, a magazine for architecture, city, and visual culture. Certainly, for over seventy-five years, Archis Investigates the realities of Architecture and it is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

8 – Domus

10 Architecture Design Magazine

​​Domus is an architecture and Design Magazine, created in 1928. The magazine is issued 11 times a year. The headquarter is located in Rozzano, Milan. The first issue of Domus subtitled “Architecture and decor of the modern home that seems like the city and in the country”. Published in January 1928. The objective was to renew interest in Architecture, interiors, and Italian decorative arts. Without disregarding topics of interest to women, like the art of homemaking and gardening. In 2000 the Italian and English magazines started the online version. 8th on Top 10 Architecture | Design

9 Azure

10 Architecture Design Magazine

​​Azure, launched in 1985 and features current Architecture and Design. The magazine is based in Canada but has earned a global reputation as it has international coverage. Azure features interiors, products, landscapes, urbanism, and architecture. Azure releases eight issues per year so it is a distinctive magazine on contemporary design.

10 Metropolis Top 10 Architecture | Design Magazine

Metropolis Magazine covers a massive array of design-related topics. Ranging from interior and graphic design, as a result of landscape and architecture. Published 11 times per year.

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